How To Apply

All applicants must complete the County's application process in order to apply for Sworn Positions and Administrative Professional Positions within the Probation Department. For more information, review the County's application process, or visit

​Sworn Positions​

If you are seeking employment with our Department in a sworn position, please consider applying for the Probation Aide position.  If successful in the background process, this position will enable you to begin work immediately.  Please note: Assistant Probation Officer and Deputy Probation Officer positions are highly competitive.

All applications must be returned by the filing deadline.

Personal History Statement

The Personal History Statement (PHS) is a required document in order to hold a position as a Peace Officer. The following summary dimensions are evaluated: Moral Character, Handling Stress and Adversity, Work Habits, Interactions with Others, and Intellectually Based Abilities.

Before completing the Personal History Statement, please read our Employment Frequently Asked Questions to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications required.

The PHS must be completed in its entirety and notarized prior to initiating a background investigation.  Please complete the PHS and begin obtaining the documents requested. Applicants ranked in the top three eligible ranks may continue in the hiring process by submitting a photocopy of their exam ranking notice from the County Employment Office with the completed PHS to the Backgrounds Unit.   Applicants who fail to receive a ranking score are encouraged to apply again in six months.

The department reviews each application independently when evaluating qualified, honest candidates for hire.  If you are unsure whether or not to report information on your PHS, report it.  It is understandable a candidate may be hesitant to disclose personal legal, DMV, credit, employment, and/or drug use history.  However, withholding information that is discovered later may reflect poorly on an applicant.

Personal History Statement (PDF)   ·   Personal History Statement FAQs (PDF)   ·   Required Docs (PDF)   ·   Peace Officer Dimensions (PDF)

Probation Academy

All candidates who successfully pass the pre-employment investigation process and are offered employment must attend Probation's Academy. The Academy is a 6- week academic program with on-the-job training, scheduled Monday-Friday. Work times vary between day, swing, and graveyard shifts.  

The Academy curriculum includes Introduction to Institutions, Ethics, Housing Classifications, Gang Recognition, Behavioral Modification Program, Cultural Diversity, Fundamentals of Behavior Management, Delinquency and Demographics, Searches, Use of Force, Computer Database Applications, Report Writing, Management of Assaultive Behavior with Scenario Training, Use of Chemical Agent, and PC 832 Arrest, Search, and Seizure.

Administrative Professionals Positions

Applicants seeking administrative positions must complete the County's application process.


Equal Employment Opportunity

Sacramento County is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. View the Sacramento County Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Veteran's Preference

Military veterans who have served during wartime shall be given preference in initial appointment to County service, in accordance with this rule.  Such preference shall apply only to the first appointment in any permanent County position.  Such preference shall apply provided the veteran has first achieved a minimum passing score on the examination.

You may contact the County Employment Office at