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Probation Officers in the Probation Department Adult Court Services Division provide a variety of services for the Sacramento County Superior Courts:

Pre-Sentence Investigations

Officers prepare pre-sentence investigation (PSI) reports that contain information about the offense, character of the offender, history, family environment, victim impact and restitution and address the California Rules of Court. The recommendations for sentencing are presented to the court. It is the Judge's discretion to accept the recommendations or hand down a different sentence.

Note: The PSI report is available to the public for 60 days from the date of sentencing and can be obtained from the Sacramento Superior Court. For more information on requesting a presentencing report, call (916) 874-5522.

Drug Diversion

Drug Diversion (PC1000), probation officers provide the Court a progress report pertaining to adjustment and success in the diversion program.

Court Liaison

Officers assigned as Court Liaisons are assigned to the Jail Home Courts and the Courthouse, and represent the Probation Department in matters of probation violations, generate probation conditions on waived referrals, assist other probation officers on Court matters, conduct follow-up investigations on select cases and assist department clerks and judges to expedite the court calendar. Additionally, the liaisons work in collaboration with the District Attorney and Public Defender Offices to help resolve probation related issues.


Officers in the Restitution Unit determine victim restitution on waived and state prison sentenced cases.

Jurisdictional Transfers

Officers in the Jurisdictional Transfers Unit process and coordinate mandatory transfers to a defendant's county of residence. Officers verify the defendant's out of county address and monitor the probationer's status until the transfer has been completed. The unit coordinates the transfer of Sacramento County adult probation supervision cases between counties within the State of California.

Expungements and Early Terminations

When conditions of release have been completed, expungement, early terminations, and charge reduction may be available. For more information, please visit Expungements, Early Termination, and Felony Reduction.


The Probation Department's (Probation's) Pretrial unit was created in 2019. Probation conducts assessments on individuals booked into custody and monitors individuals released to Pretrial by the Superior Court at no cost to the client. Monitoring can include court reminder telephone calls, office visits, community visits and GPS monitoring. For more information, please visit Pretrial Monitoring.

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