About Us

​Mission and Vision

The Sacramento County Probation Department provides clients with the assessment, treatment, supervision and support necessary to prevent re-offending, resulting in a safer community. Our highly skilled, multi-disciplinary workforce uses innovative strategies to support positive change.


Service to the Community

The Sacramento County Probation Department is responsible for the background investigation of offenders and the preparation of social history reports for the Sacramento County Superior Courts.  The Probation Department also operates and maintains the County's juvenile hall: The Youth Detention Facility; and several other facilities and programs, including Adult Day Reporting Centers, and various collaborative courts. 

The Department teams with various law enforcement agencies, schools, community-based organizations and the citizens of Sacramento County to form productive partnerships with an underlying goal of public safety.

Probation's Jurisdiction

The Probation Department is also charged with the supervision of adult and juvenile offenders granted probation by the Courts. The majority of misdemeanor and felony offenders in Sacramento County are placed on probation as part of their sentence. Those placed on formal probation are under the jurisdiction of the Sacramento County Probation Department.

Visit the Populations Under Probation's Oversight page to see available data.

Probation Department Divisions and Units

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Youth Detention Facility

Juvenile Court Services

Juvenile Field Services

Adult Court Services

Adult Field Services

Adult Community Corrections

Collaborative Courts

Professional Standards and Training

Fiscal Services