Commitment to Diversity

2018 IMAGE Workforce Comparative Analysis Graph (County 2010 Probation 2017).png

As Chief of this department, I am committed to building a strong organization led and supported by highly skilled and innovative individuals who model within our organization that which we hope to see in our community and the world at large.

As we work together to achieve this, it is imperative that we encourage diversity,  ensure equal opportunity, and remain transparent in our efforts to maintain fairness and equality.

It is our collective commitment to diversity that makes our organization such a great place to work. I am heartened by the fact that our commitment has never been driven by statistics. Instead, it is driven by our desire to build a department made up of individuals with unique perspectives, ideas, experiences and backgrounds. Having an abundance of diversity in these areas enables us to better understand, serve, and connect with one another and our community. It is this type of cohesion that supports and promotes positive change.  ​