Personal History Statement (PHS)

​Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Make sure to notarize Page 10. Notaries can be found through an internet search and the typical cost is $15. Also, many credit unions offer the service for free.

On Page 7, fill in your personal information. When/if the time comes to take fingerprints, the Sacramento County Probation Department will do the fingerprinting.

Write something in each box. If it doesn’t apply, write N/A so we know you did not skip over it.

Submit unofficial transcripts if you have them and note on Page 3 of the Personal History Statement that unofficial copies were submitted, but official transcripts were ordered and include the date the transcripts were ordered.

Complete the questions on Page 31 regarding drug use honestly and thoroughly. Certain drug use can lead to disqualification; however, the Sacramento County Probation Department values honesty and failing to be honest on the Personal History Statement will lead to disqualification.

Yes, include them as a personal reference.

Include the information on Page 36. The divorce decrees will be needed for every divorce.

Yes, include them in the parents and brothers/sisters sections.

If you have been assigned a background investigator, notify your background officer as soon as possible.

Personal references are people with whom you have a close relationship and have a social connection outside of work. Make sure not to submit a person as both a co-worker/supervisor and a personal reference; a person can only be asked to be one type of reference.

If information will not fit in the boxes, include it on the last page of the packet (Page 36). You can copy Page 36 as many times as needed. If you think we should know or will ask about it, include it.

Disqualified means that the applicant did not meet the minimum POST standards for hiring or did not meet the POST Dimension standards as listed on Page 2 of the Personal History Statement. 

Not Hired means the applicant was included in a pool of qualified applicants and was not selected.

If you have been assigned a background investigator, notify your background officer as soon as possible if there are any changes to your information. Common changes are recent applications to other law enforcement agencies, change in address, phone or email, citations, and new employment. Waiting to inform your background officer of any change can delay the background process and may affect your being offered a position in the next Academy.