Employment Opportunities

Probation hires personnel for the positions listed below; however, not all positions listed are currently open and available.​​ Please visit the How​ to Apply page for ​instructions on how to apply for open positions. Please note, although a position may be open in the County, it may not be available in the Probation Department.​

All applicants must complete the County's application process in order to apply for a position within the Probation Department. For more information, view the County's application process, or visit www.saccountyjobs.net.

For information about other opportunities, visit Probation's Internship Program and Volunteer and Ride-Along Programs pages.​​​​​

Open Positions

For open positions with the Probation department, please visit the Sacramento County ​​​​job opportunities webpage.

Sworn Positions

Probation Aide​

View the Probation Aide job description

Assistant Probation Officer

View the Assistant Probation Officer job description​ 

Deputy Probation Officer

View the Deputy Probation Officer job description 

Senior Deputy Probation Officer

View the Senior Deputy Probation Officer job description

Supervising Probation Officer

View the Supervising Probation Officer job description

Assistant Probation Division Chief

View the Assistant Probation Division​ Chief job description 

Probation Division Chief

​​View the Probation Division Chief job description 

Assistant Chief Probation Officer

View the Assistant Chief Probation Officer job description

Chief Probation Officer

​View the Chief Probation Officer job description

Administrative Professionals Positions 

Administrative Services

Office Assistant Level II

View the Office Assistant Level II job description

Senior Office Assistant

View the Senior Office Assistant job description

Senior Office Specialist (Confidential)

View the Senior Office Specialist (Confidential) job description

​Clerical Supervisor II

View the Clerical Supervisor II job description​ 

Administrative Services Officer I, II, and III

View the Administrative Services Officer I job description

View the Administrative Services Officer II job description

View the Administrative Services Officer III job description

​Chief of Departmental Administrative Services

View the ​​Chief of Departmental Administrative Services​ job description​

Fiscal Services

Senior Accountant

View the Senior Accountant job description

Accounting Manager

View the Accounting Manager job description 

​General Services

Food Service Worker​

View the Food Service Worker job description

Laundry Worker

View the Laundry Worker job description

Food Service Cook

View the Food Service Cook job description

Food Service Program Manager

View the Food Service Program Manager job description 

Information Technology​

Information Technology Technician Level I/II

View the Information Technology Technician Level I/II job description​

Information Technology Business Systems Analyst Level I/II

View the Information Technology Business Systems Analyst Level I/II job description 

​​Supervising Information Technology Analyst

View the Supervising Information Technology Analyst job description

Information Technology Manager

View the Information Technology Manager job description​​​