Professional Standards

​The Professional Standards Division provides vital support to the Chief Probation Officer, as well as Juvenile and Adult Operations and employees, in accordance with the department's mission-vision.

Professional Standards

Professional Standards is responsible for the oversight of training for our employees; development of General and Operational orders, and ensures compliance with legal mandates.  Enhancing community relations, communications, and outreach are central components as the department's internet site, Probation news, social media posts, press releases, and general inquiries are handled by PS employees.  Community engagements, events, interns, and volunteers, are managed, coordinated and facilitated through Professional Standards with an emphasis of educating Probation's impactful role in the community.

Employee Relations is responsible for the recruitment of new hires and processing sworn candidates to hire through completion of a thorough POST background investigation. Upon hire, all Probation Aides, Assistant Probation Officers​, and Deputy Probation Officers attend an eight​-week paid academy.  All personnel related matters, such as hiring, promotions, assignment transfers, retirements and employee support are managed within this unit.  Further, property control, fleet, and fixed assets are key components which are accounted for and monitored.

Administrative Professionals, who are embedded within each of the divisions, are responsible for administrative guidance and support to Administrative, Juvenile and Adult Operations. Administrative Professionals are essential to Probation's operations and hold great responsibilities within the department.  Administrative Professionals research and respond to Public Records Act requests; develop programs related to the submission of grant proposals and applications; prepare memorandums highlighting division impacts and operations; manage Probation facilities; assist in preparation of presentations for stakeholders and the community, and provide critical data analysis as a few examples. 

Communications and Community Engagement

The Communications Unit is the outreach branch of the Probation Department and is responsible for strengthening positive relationships with the public through community engagement, Probation News distributions, the media, the department internet site, and social media. The unit also oversees the implementation of community outreach programs, organizes events, coordinates internships and volunteers, responds to all email correspondence, and educates the public about Probation Department activities and impacts.


The Professional Standards Training Unit coordinates and conducts mandated training for sworn officers and Administrative Professionals to ensure a highly skilled and proficient workforce. The department participates in the Standards and Training for Corrections Program (STC). In compliance with this program, the department agrees to meet the minimum training standards and follow program regulations.  State mandated training requirements from the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) requires 40 hours of certified training for all officers and 24 hours for officers assigned to the Youth Detention Facility (YDF). 

​Our officers complete a wide range of training relevant to their assignment which also consists of mandated update trainings such as CPR/First Aid, Work Place Harassment, and Computer Systems. Officers have the ability to choose from elective courses that align with their interests and career development to supplement in achieving the required yearly total. Newly hired Academy Training, Firearms Training, Advanced Officer Training (AOT), Defensive Tactics (DT), Scenario Based training, and Relias online training are examples of the training administered. Although the department has employees who are certified trainers, we also work and contract with other providers and agencies to develop challenging curriculums.  The Training Unit ensures all officers meet the hourly mandated requirement.

The BSCC approves and certifies training curriculum and reimbursement is received for meeting training requirements. Our department utilizes officers assigned to the Training Unit, who possess specific certifications and skillsets, along with subject matter expert officers assigned to other divisions to both develop and conduct trainings. Our department possesses in-house certified Juvenile Corrections Officer CORE (JCO CORE), Probation Officer Transfer Academy, and PC 832 Laws and Arrest courses.  The JCO CORE and Probation Officer Transfer Academy lesson plans were created by in-house officers in accordance with state requirements.

​The Training Team retains a high level of instruction and ensures everyday innovative ideas and practices are continuously developed and molded to maintain a level of excellence.  

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All Probation Aides, Assistant Probation Officers, and Deputy Probation Officers are required to complete a 200-hour Probation Training Academy prior to supervising residents in the Youth Detention Facility. New hires receive instruction on many subjects including: supervision and communication techniques, Prison Rape Elimination Act, First Aid, Title 15 standards, management of assaultive behavior, motivational interviewing, report writing, and ethics.

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The Probation Department actively recruits potentially qualified candidates for employment.  Unit staff facilitate participation at job fairs, classroom presentations to local colleges, and tours at the Youth Detention Facility. The department internship program is also an opportunity for students to explore.

Background Investigations

The Background Investigations Unit has developed a multi-faceted hiring process to ensure the department hires well-qualified candidates for peace officer positions. The hiring process ensures candidates meet the minimum qualifications for a position, are physically able to do an entry-level job within the department, and meet POST standards for peace officers. The hiring process is completed by all applicants and is applied uniformly to create an equal opportunity for every interested candidate.


Staff are responsible for developing and reviewing policy and ensuring procedures for operations are efficient through comprehensive General and Operational Orders. 

Internal Affairs 

The California Penal Code requires every law enforcement agency that employs peace officers in the State of California to have a procedure in place to investigate complaints initiated by members of the public.  The Sacramento County Probation Department has a centralized Internal Affairs Unit, comprised of management personnel, who are responsible for investigating complaints against the Probation Department or employees.  All members of the public seeking to file a complaint are asked to read the Department's Citizen Complaint Information and complete a Citizen Complaint Form.  

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Division serves Probation by providing technical and information systems support to the department.  Technology is a force multiplier by improving the safety, accuracy and efficiency of operations staff while providing employees with the tools and information needed to make data driven decisions.  Not only does the division maintain security systems to all of Probation's building locations, including our Youth Detention Facility a 24 hour facility but also provides radio, computer, and other telecommunications services and equipment (computers, telephones, cell phones, etc.) to the entire department. IT also builds automated reports used for statistical analysis and data collection, as well as systems that mine and warehouse client data.