Citizen Complaints

The Sacramento County Probation Department supervises over 26,000 adults and juveniles in the community and housed at the Youth Detention Facility.  Sacramento County Probation Officers are highly trained and serve the community with professional pride.  The department has a well defined procedure for assisting citizens with a means to express concerns regarding operations, policies or employee conduct. 

All members of the public seeking to file a complaint against the Sacramento County Probation Department or an employee will be asked to complete a Citizen Complaint Form.  You will only be able to file complaints regarding employees of the Sacramento County Probation Department. If your concerns are related to any other county or city law enforcement agency, you must contact those agencies directly. Sacramento County Probation has no jurisdiction or authority over employees from other agencies. Complaint forms can be obtained at any Sacramento County Probation Office or at the following links:

Citizen Complaint Form - English 

Citizen Complaint Form - Spanish 

Citizen Complaint Form - Vietnamese Citizen Complaint Form in Vietnamese

Citizen Complaint Form - HmongCitizen Complaint Form in Hmong 

Citizen Complaint Form - RussianCitizen Complaint Form in Russian 

Citizen Complaint Form - UkrainianCitizen Complaint form in Ukrainian​ 

​Once the form is completed, it can be electronically sent to the Department’s Internal Affairs Unit at InternalAffairs@saccounty.g​ov, or to a confidential fax at (916) 875-4755, delivered in person to any Probation office, or sent via U.S. Mail to the address indicated on the form.  If you wish to contact Internal Affairs directly, please call (916) 876-8836.

Your complaint will be reviewed by the Professional Standards Division's Assistant Chief Deputy and assigned to an investigator.  You will receive a notification from the department, the name of the officer assigned to investigate your complaint, and his/her contact information. In most cases, the assigned investigator will need to interview you regarding your complaint.

Once the investigation has been completed, you will be notified regarding the outcome of the case. Pursuant to the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act, and in accordance with County policy, personnel investigations are classified as confidential.  Therefore, we are unable to disclose information regarding the details of an investigation, including whether or not discipline is proposed or imposed.