Assistant Chief Probation Officer Shawn Ayala

In January 2022, Shawn Ayala was appointed to the position of Assistant Chief Probation Officer. He started employment as an On Call Probation Assistant assigned to the Sacramento County Boys Ranch and over his career acquired extensive administrative and operational experience in Adult Field, Juvenile Field, Juvenile Court, Administration, Placement, and Adult Court.  He worked in secure and non-secure facilities at the Youth Detention Facility and the Sacramento County Boys Ranch.

Asst. Chief Ayala is an innovator when it comes to technology and data driven analysis for effective and efficient decision-making. He was instrumental in the development of Probation's dashboard, thereby enhancing accuracy and transparency in publishing public data and data sharing. His contributions in this arena have improved accessibility and performance in our department, with justice partners locally, and throughout California.

Asst. Chief Ayala supports initiatives relating to Mental Health Diversion, Treatment, and Supervision, and alternatives to incarceration. He spearheaded the planning, organizing and implementation of the Pre-Trial program in Adult Court Services with the goal of diverting warrants and implementing supportive services to our adult client population in collaboration with our justice partners. He was also instrumental in the automation of the Public Safety Assessment, which allows for large volumes of assessments to be completed timely and is helping to reduce the jail population and provide opportunities for eligible clients to remain in the community while pending court proceedings. His collaboration with the Court and Department of Health Services (DHS) helped define Probation Department standards for the Mentally Ill Offender Supervision Grant for Mental Health Court.

He applies his strong leadership skills to motivate staff and community partners toward common goals with a shared vision. Valuing investment in future probation officers and succession planning, Asst. Chief Ayala teaches courses in Laws of Arrest and Search and Seizure at the Probation Academy and serves as a department Range Instructor. Over the years, he has worked collaboratively with the Court, District Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff's Office, Police, Department of Health Services, California Highway Patrol, community based organizations, and stakeholders to develop evidence based programs.

Asst. Chief Ayala holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminology from Southern Oregon State College and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Sacramento and served as a Law Enforcement Managers Association (LEMA) Board member for 10 years.​