Probation Academy Graduation and Promotion Ceremony

PIT Academy.jpg Spring 2017 Probation Institution Training Academy graduating class participating in community service activity

The Sacramento County Probation Department is proud to announce the graduation of the Spring 2017 Probation Institution Training Academy.

On May 18, 2017, in front of family, friends, and future co-workers, we honored and recognized the Spring 2017 Probation Academy graduating class by a swearing-in ceremony held in the county Board Chambers at 700 H Street.

The Probation Academy consists of 240 hours of training within a 6-week period. Each recruit must pass academic tests covering learning domains related to adolescent brain development, behavior motivation, arrest control, search and seizure and scenario-based testing. The twelve (12) graduates  began the academy on April 3, 2017, and will be assigned to work at the Youth Detention Facility as our agency's newest Probation Aides.

During the ceremony, fifty-seven (57) officers were also honored for their recent promotions to Probation Assistant, Deputy Probation Officer, Senior Deputy Probation Officer, and Supervising Probation Officer.

"Our department hires candidates who strive for excellence. I am very proud of our newest group of academy graduates and recently promoted officers for their commitment to this high standard," says Chief Probation Officer Lee Seale.

The mission of the Sacramento County Probation Department is to provide clients with the assessment, treatment, supervision, and support necessary to prevent re-offending, resulting in a safer community. Our highly skilled, multi-disciplinary workforce uses innovative strategies to support positive change.

"The Department is privileged to have new and experienced employees who provide hope, encouragement, and guidance to the youth and adults under our care and supervision.  It is these interactions and engagements that will enable positive change within our community," says Chief Deputy Julie Wherry of the Professional Standards and Training Division.

Congratulations to our newly promoted officers and the Spring 2017 graduating class.

Please visit our website for more information about our Commitment to Diversity.

For more information about the event, please contact Assistant Chief Deputy Coleen Kincheloe at or 916-875-2833.