Facility Assistance Dog Program

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Sacramento Probation's Youth Detention Facility Has Gone to the Dogs… Facility Assistance Dog Program Starts Today

The Sacramento County Probation Department's Youth Detention Facility (YDF) began its Facility Assistance Dog Program on November 15, 2016. Captain, the YDF Facility Assistance Dog, reported for duty to create positive and useful interactions between the dog, residents and staff.

The Facility Assistance Dog program is a collaboration with Canine Guardians, a non-profit organization that provides trained service dogs to veterans, diabetics, and other children and adults in the community with disabilities, special needs, and cancer in order to assist them and enrich their daily lives. Captain has received basic training through Canine Guardians, and his training will be enhanced in specified training units in YDF. He will also interact with residents in other units to provide comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship to assist with their emotional stability, while simultaneously building his socialization skills. Once Captain has successfully completed his training, he will be transitioned from the facility to the community through placement with a veteran. Following Captain's placement, another dog will begin the program in the facility.  

For more information about this program, visit the Canine Guardians website at www.canineguardians.org or contact Assistant Chief Deputy Probation Carol Paris at ParisC@SacCounty.net.