Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Division provides all accounting services for the Probation Department.  This includes development and monitoring of annual budgets and contracts as well as procuring all goods and services required to operate Probation programs.  Fiscal Services also ensures Probation maintains secured funding resources through both general fund and outside revenue sources.  Fiscal Services is staffed with 11 positions to support the duties described above.

Budget Development and Monitoring

​For Fiscal Year 2019-20, the Probation Department’s overall approved budget is approximately $161 million and includes over fifty separate cost centers for tracking expenditures.  Budget development is a continuous work in progress, taking months of research, analysis, and review.  The budget process also requires a close working relationship with the County Executive’s Office before the annual budget is approved by the County Board of Supervisors.  Once the final budget is approved in September, Fiscal Services monitors adherence to the annual budgeted amounts and prepares monthly expenditure and forecasting reports in preparation for the next fiscal year’s budget season.

BudgetBudget Photo


Fiscal Services negotiates, drafts, and manages over 100 different types of agreements with individuals, corporations, community-based organizations and public and private agencies which provide professional services and direct treatment to clients, staff training, and other programming requirements.  Fiscal Services ensures compliance with County codes and policies governing procedures for service contracts, including the Probation Department's contracting authority, requirements for conducting Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and all other elements involved in the contract process.  Fiscal Services also monitors contract expenditures to ensure spending stays within contract limits and services are provided in accordance with each agreement’s terms and conditions.

Grant Monitoring and Claiming

Nearly 60% of Probation’s funding comes from state, federal, and other outside revenue sources.  Fiscal Services assists with drafting grant applications, developing grant budgets, monitoring and preparing quarterly and annual claims for all grants and other outside funding sources, and ensures all grant funds are expended within grant terms.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Fiscal Services submits purchase orders and processes payments for all invoices for goods and services required for the daily operation of the Probation Department.  Fiscal Services staff act as liaisons between vendors and County Contract and Purchasing Services, creating contract and purchasing requisitions as required by certain contracts.  Fiscal Services is also responsible for petty cash disbursement, replenishment and reconciliation, and the management of County fleet vehicles assigned to the Probation Department, including purchasing, maintaining, licensing and registration, and removing vehicles from service.

Financial Reports

Fiscal Services generates financial reports for both internal and external customers including auditors, department managers, and County Executive Office analysts through regularly-established reporting timelines (monthly/quarterly/annually) as well as on an as-needed basis.  Reports are also provided in response to Public Records Act requests.  To provide the most accurate and timely data available, Fiscal Services analyzes information maintained in the County’s financial management and accounting system and in our internal spreadsheets.​