Youth Detention Facility (YDF) Policies


BSCC Title 15 Policies

Title 15 Minimum Standards for Juvenile Facilities


Title XV 1320 Appointment and Qualifications

Title XV 1321 Staffing

Title XV 1322 Training and Staff Development

Title XV 1323 Fire & Life Safety Officers

Title XV 1324 Policy Review and Acknowledgement

Title XV 1324(k) Non-Discrimination Provision

Title XV 1325 Fire Safety Plan

Title XV 1326 Security Review

Title XV 1328 Room Checks

Title XV 1329 Suicide Prevention Plan

Title XV 1340 Reporting of Legal Actions

Title XV 1341 Death & Serious Illness or Injury of a Youth While Detained

Title XV 1343 Facility Capacity

Title XV 1350 Admittance Procedures

Title XV 1350.5 Screening for the Risk of Sexual Abuse

Title XV 1351 Release Procedures

Title XV 1352 Classification

Title XV 1352.5 Transgender & Intersex Youth

Title XV 1353 Orientation

Title XV 1354 Separation

Title XV 1354.5 Room Confinement

Title XV 1355 Institutional Assessment & Plan​

Title XV 1356 Counseling & Casework Service

Title XV 1357 Use of Force​

Title XV 1358 & 1358.5 Use of Restraints

Title XV 1359 Safety Room Procedures

Title XV 1360 Searches

Title XV 1361 Grievances

Title XV 1362 Reporting of Incidents

Title XV 1370 Education Program

Title XV 1371 Programs, Recreation and Exercise

Title XV 1372 Religious Program

Title XV 1373 Work Programs

Title XV 1374 Visiting

Title XV 1375 Correspondence

Title XV 1376 Telephone Access

Title XV 1377 Access to Legal Services

Title XV 1390 & 1391 Discipline & Discipline Process

Title XV 1417 Pregnant/Post-Partum Youth

Title XV 1418 Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Title XV 1430 Medical Clearance/Intake Health & Screening

Title XV 1453 Sexual Assault

Title XV 1460 Frequency of Serving

Title XV 1461 Minimum Diet

Title XV 1462 Medical Diets

Title XV 1480 & 1482 Clothing

Title XV 1481 Special Clothing

Title XV 1483, 1500 & 1501 Bedding, Linens & Clothing Supply

Title XV 1484 Control & Containment of Vermin

Title XV 1485, 1486, 1487 & 1488 Personal Hygiene

Title XV 1510 Sanitation, Safety & Maintenance

Title XV 1511 Smoke Free Environment


Behavioral Health Services (BHS)

5150 Applications

Accounting of Disclosures

Administrative Technical and Physical Safeguards

Adult Abuse Reporting

Adverse Incident Reports

Alta Regional Service Coordination

Basic Rights of Detained Youth

Child Abuse Reporting

Client Right to Amend Health Information

Clinician of the Day Protocol


Conflict of Interest Incompatible Activities

Countywide Personnel Policies and Procedures

Daily Unit Rounds

DBHS Compliance Program

Discrimination Policy

Documentation Guidelines

Duty to Protect (Tarasoff)

Emergency Administration of Psychotropic Medication

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emotionally Disturbed Youth

Facility Maintenance Requests

Family and Youth Advocacy Program

Grievance Procedure

HIPAA Complaints and PHI-EPHI Breach Protocol

HIPAA Contingency Plan

Hiring County Employees

Informed Consent

Institutional Assessment and Plans

Intoxicated and Substance Abusing Youth

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Youth

Mental Health Services Protocol

Methods for Releasing Protected Health Information

New Employee Orientation

Office Environment Guidelines

Penalties for Privacy Violations

Personal Medication Supply

Pharmaceutical Management

Physician's Orders

Prison Rape Elimination Act Policy

Probation Issued Code of Conduct

Problem Resolution

Psychiatric Documentation Guidelines

Psychiatric Hospitalization

Psychiatric Referrals

Psychotropic Medication Guidelines

Record Management

Release of Protected Health Information

Release of Verbal Information in a Medical Emergency

Response Recommendations to Probation

Safety in the Workplace

Service Overview

Special Needs Meeting

Standards of Conduct

Suicide Prevention Program

Suicide Risk Classification

Use of Seclusion and Restraints

WI 5150 Designation Policy

Workplace Violence

Health Services: Division​ of Primary Health (JCH-Juvenile Correctional Health)

1410 Infection Prevention and Control Program

1410a Ectoparasitic Infections

1410c Immunizations

1438b Personal Medications Brought into YDF

A01-1411 Access to Healthcare

A01-1433 Request for Health Care Services

A02-1400 Responsible Health Authority

A04-1403 Administrative Meetings and Reports

A04-1403a Collection of Statistics

A04-1403b Health Care Monitoring and Audits

A05-1405 Health Care Policies and Procedures Manual

A05-1405a Health Care Standardized Procedures Manual

A06-1403 Continuous Quality Improvement Program

A06-1403a Incident Reporting

A07-1412 Emergency Response Plan

A07-1412a Fire Evacuation Clinic Duties

A07-1412b Man-Down-Drill

A08-1413 Communication on Patients’ Health Needs

A08-1432 Identifying Medically Fragile Youths

A09-1407 Privacy of Care

A10-1341 Procedure in the Event of A Juvenile Death

A11-1361 Grievance Mechanism For Health Complaints

A12-1401 Notification in Emergencies

B02-1403a Radiation Dosimetry-Dental

B02-1403b Dental Radiology Incident Reporting

B02-1438a Medical Waste Disposal

B03-1403 Medication Error

B03-1414 Heat Injury Prevention for In-Custody Work Program Assignments

B03-1433 Patient Safety in the Clinic

B03-1433a Reporting Child Abuse

B04-1321 Staff Safety

B04-1321a C Cure Badges

B04-1321b Safety Concern Reporting

B04-1321c Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

B06-1453 Response to Sexual Abuse

C01-1404 Credentials and Privileges

C02-1403 External Peer Review

C03-1404 Professional Development

C04-1322 Health Training for Child Care Staff

C05-1438a Patient Identification

C06-1414 Health Clearances for In-custody Work and Program Assignments

C07-1321 Staffing Plan

C07-1438 Temporary Absence of Pharmacist​​