Special DUI Operation

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The Sacramento County Probation Department, in co-operation with the Sacramento Police Department, conducted a special enforcement operation on October 14, 2016.  The operation, supported by funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, focused on the compliance of DUI offenders with their Court Orders. 

As part of the operation, probation officers directed DUI offenders to appear for office visits at the Probation Office. During office visits, probation officers check-in on clients and discuss their Court Orders with them. DUI Court Orders not only provide instruction and information regarding searches, seizures and restitution obligations, but also include directives to abstain from driving without a valid driver’s license and consuming alcohol. In order to determine whether or not a client is abstaining from alcohol, probation officers use a screening device that identifies preliminary, or recent, alcohol consumption.

On the day of the operation, clients reported for their office visits. Although the majority of them were found to be in compliance with their conditions of probation, six clients were found to be out of compliance due to driving on a suspended license. As a result, they were cited by the Sacramento Police and their cars were towed. The citations resulted in nine violations of probation (as two clients hold multiple grants of probation) and six arrests.

The Sacramento County Probation Department is committed to reducing drunk driving and, through partnerships with the Office of Traffic Safety and local law enforcement agencies, continues striving to make the roadways of Sacramento County safer.


For more information about this operation, please contact Chief Deputy Kristina Thompson at ThompsonK@SacCounty.gov.