North Sacramento Probation Sweep

 Pictured: Multi-Agency Pre-Sweep Briefing

A probation sweep conducted this week in the North Sacramento region in response to violent crime in this area led to 15 arrests, 58 searches and 29 violations of probation being filed. Additionally, the following items were seized from the arrests: 17 grams of heroin, over 1 pound of marijuana, methamphetamine, narcotics paraphernalia, a .22 caliber handgun and ammunition.

Sacramento Police and Sheriff, Rancho Cordova Police, along with Highway Patrol, teamed with the Sacramento County Probation Department to do compliance checks at over 50 residences. The arrests ranged from active no-bail warrants to felon in possession of a firearm and sales of narcotics.

Referencing Probation's involvement in the sweep, Supervisor Phil Serna stated, "It is dedicated efforts such as this, working with neighborhood leaders, that make us proud and that underscore Probation's critical role in improving residents' quality of life. My sincerest thanks to Probation for a job very well done."

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